Johnson’s Lone Pine Location
Located in Southern Saskatchewan adjacent to Chaplin Lake.


Lone Pine AreaLone Pine Area

Our guide, Lance Menke, was born & raised on this land
and has hunted since he could hold a gun.
Lance and his family personally own 7,000 acres of land and have written permission on an additional 10,000 acres of prime goose and duck habitat,
our area sees minimal hunting pressure.

The camp is located in the heart of bird hunting. Our rural farm house will comfortable sleep six to eight hunters. You can even hunt from the front door.
Hearty home cooked meals will be provided.

The focus of your hunt can be geese or ducks. We will discuss your personal itinerary to insure you a successful hunt.

September 7 and up to October 12, geese may only be hunted in the morning. After October 12 you may hunt for geese morning and evening.

September and October

We have a high population of White Geese
& Speckled Bellies (which are the best eating)
Hunt birds coming into decoys in fields. Hunt in blinds over sloughs, stalk sloughs. Hunt in blinds on large population of ducks including Mallards, Wood Ducks, Canvas Backs, Blue & Green Wing Tent, Red Head, Rice Ducks and Sand Hill Cranes
These birds are native to our area. There are good population during September and the first half of October then they tend to taper off.
Hungarian Partridge
If you have never hunted for Hungarian partridge, this is one bird you will keep coming back for. Spend your time walking mile long hedge rows or vacant overgrown farm sites. You can walk and stalk or let your own dog work for you. Hungarian partridge are a small bird and a very fast flyer or you may need to hone your skills.
What to bring
Soft case for field, hard case for travel, shell vest, ear plugs, duck call, goose call, camera film, small flashlight, ammo, cloths, binoculars, alarm clock, gloves, waterproof boots – waders, for late dates insulated coveralls. For those of you returning with your birds, a proper cooler is required. Airlines will not accept styrofoam coolers. Also remember for travel you will be required to have proof of citizenship – passport or original birth certificate.
A typical day at Johnson’s Lone Pine Birds could go like this:
Hunt Geese in the fields from 6 AM to 10:30 AM.
Head into camp for breakfast/brunch
Then head out to shoot Hungarians or puddle jump for Ducks.
You can use your dog if you like.
Fly from your home city to Regina, Saskatchewan, rent a vehicle and drive 1 1/2 hour to Chaplin, Saskatchewan.
Travel arrangements may be made through Johnson’s. We seem to have some of the best rates in the market place.
Your possession limit for our area
20 White Geese (snow and ross)
3 times daily limit fo a total of 60
8 Canada Geese and White Fronted
(only 5 may be White Fronted)
2 times daily limit for a total of 16
Sand Hill Cranes
2 times daily limit for a total of 10
6 Hungarian Partridge
2 times daily limit for a total of 12
3 Sharp tail Grouse
2 times daily limit for a total of 6
8 Ducks
2 times daily limit for a total of 26
Pheasants may be released when prior arrangements are made.

5 days – Duck and Goose Hunting
Bird Handling
Professional Guide – In Camp
Transportation and Tax
Alcoholic beverages or any other purely personal amenities

Johnson’s Ministikwan Location

During October: Ruff grouse – Sharp tail.
Ruff grouse can also be hunted during November after you tagged your white tail. If you like to come with a white tail group, while they hunt deer, you can hunt Grouse and perhaps shoot a few rabbits.

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