Paul’s Camp Kitchen

RUFF GROUSE Hors d’oeuvres

While in hunting camp during fall whitetail season, you may find time to enjoy some Ruffed Grouse hunting. This bird has succulent white meat and definitely is one of our hunter’s favorites. Heres how to cook it.

Remove breast meat from the bone. Slice each half of the breast into strips approximately l/2″ wide, 3″ long. Very lightly dust the strips with flour. Melt l/3 cup butter (real butter, no substitutes!). When butter has melted, you can start to fry the strips at low heat until a slightly golden color. Salt & pepper while strips are cooking. The cook must sample the strips as he cooks them to ensure proper texture (also if he doesn’t sample, he would never get to enjoy any, because once these are put on the table, the plates only come back empty.)

Be extremely careful not to overcook this meat. Cooking too long will result in a chewy meat, which you do not want. When cooked correctly, Ruff Grouse has the most unique flavor you have ever enjoyed. This dish can be served in camp with evening cocktails, or prepared in the field during trailside lunches over an open fire.

Recipe for Saskatchewan Whitetail
Marinated Backstrap & Tenderloin

Start with two full backstraps & two full tenderloins from a 250lb to 300lb Saskatchewan whitetail deer. Cut meat into l/4″ or thinner slices. Place meat to one side. In a large tub, mix together:

three tablespoons garlic powder
three tablespoons onion powder
three tablespoons lemon pepper
two teaspoons cayenne pepper
one tablespoon salt
two tablespoons ground thyme
three tablespoons dry mustard
one tablespoon ground pepper
l/3 cup chopped garlic
l/2 cup brown sugar
3 oz. Worcestershire sauce and a few dashes of Tabasco sauce
16 oz Italian Salad Dressing
12 oz Bacardi white rum
12 oz Red vermouth
3 oz lemon juice
Stir and mix until well blended. Place sliced meat into mixture and let stand. Be sure meat is totally covered. Refrigerate for a minimum of 24 hours or more, turning and re-mixing meat with marinade several times during this time.
When you are ready to begin cooking, melt l/3 cup butter (no substitute) in a large skillet. Cook venison over low heat. Flip over once. Cooking time per slice is 3 minutes. When cooked, serve hot as a hors d’oeuvre.