Last week as we made our way along the fractured Goat Trail the regular cloud of dust was replaced with swirling snow, letting you know winter is here for the next few months. I was taking my wife to the airport for the 4th annual trip to Toronto and then onto Buffalo New York for the Native American Music Awards. This year Donna’s song “The Moon is Falling” from her mini album “Uncover Me” gained her a best female artist nomination alongside Rita Coolidge’s Christmas album, pretty good company!

Our daughter Karla was at Pearson airport to retrieve her mother and took her to work for the afternoon. Karla works for Patrick J Adams who stars as Mike Ross the on the TV series “Suits” which is filmed in Toronto. Here she got to wander the set, met a number of the cast including Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Spector along with his secretary Donna. There was no Luis Litt sighting although they heard he was roaming around the set. Donna  sat at Donna’s desk outside Harvey’s office and took in the show from a new prospective. Quite the start to the trip!

By 11:00 am after an early and a busy start the next morning, Donna and Karla headed off for Seneca New York and the award show. As they arrived at the border crossing Karla realized she had forgotten her passport and Nexus pass. After a long teary eyed explanation with the Border Officer she was allowed entry to the United States. Once back on the road they discovered an outlet mall was on their route. I personally think Karla’s Blue Toyota Celica (War Pony) could sniff out every shopping marathon no matter where, needless to say in went the clutch and they shifted into “GSA” (Great Shopping Ahead). The shopping event apparently went well because it was 9:00 PM before they got back on the road for Seneca and the Allegany Casino. About 50 miles from their destination they ran into a white out snow storm commonly called a snow squall, a weather phenomenon commonly related to lake effect conditions as they were adjacent to Lake Erie. They plodded along at a snail’s pace, then stared spinning out on the steep hills, primarily because Karla’s Blizzak winter tires are here in Saskatchewan. At this point they found a safe road side pull out where a State Trooper told them they were only 20 miles from their destination and perhaps they should call a tow truck, here’s where CAA is worthwhile having. By 2:30 AM they made an interesting arrival at the hotel. The War Pony was atop the flat deck tow truck as they pulled in alongside other performers and nominees arriving in stretch Limos and wishing they arrived on a tow truck, would have been a lot less stress. Everyone was in the same boat getting caught in the unexpected treacherous weather; I suppose one could say arriving on a tow truck is a new way to hit the Red Carpet in the middle of the night.

The next morning after a short night the award show rehearsals were under way with many people absent due to the snow squall. For the award show Donna was presenter for the Best Blues Recording.

As for Donna Kay’s nomination the Best female artist went to Rita Coolidge.

With the award show now behind them and the snow still falling,( who knew the accumulation of snow would reach record proportions of up to seven feet) the first order of business was to retrieve the War Pony from the tire shop where a new set of Blazek’s had been installed. Then got on the road back to Toronto, where they had an invitation from Michael Wekerle ( Dragons Den)  to the grand opening of his latest investment “Walhburgers” an upscale gourmet burger joint and sports bar in the “Luxury Soho Metropolitan Hotel” in Toronto’s downtown. The celebrity filled whirl wind adventure weekend and late nights came to an end in the wee hours of Sunday morning, where a few hours of sleep were most welcome.

The next couple of days in Toronto were calm in comparison to the weekend, then a flight back out west where it took several days to readjust to the calm quiet voice of Ministikwan Lake, home.


Paul  Pospisil / Lore and More